Transformations – A One Year Reflection of All My Relations

December 27th, 2017

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Transformations - A One Year Reflection of All My Relations

The TWC All My Relations program was created out of determination, drive and a desire to ensure that indigenous men had access to a residential substance abuse treatment facility in the Metro Vancouver area.

AMR residents, staff and supporters gather around the big drum to sing ceremonial songs before doing outreach work.

Bringing this vision to reality has been truly rewarding as nearly 200 men were helped in a culturally authentic manner in 2017.
There have been numerous accomplishments in the past year at the TWC All My Relations program. We now have a state of the art group workshop room, a sweat lodge site for the use of our clients and a second stage residence available for those requiring support after treatment. We gratefully acknowledge the many people who contributed to make this happen.
TWC All My Relations has received a tremendous amount of support from the indigenous community in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, and because of our partnerships we can now refer our clients for specialized counselling with an indigenous therapist, ensure that our clients can see an Elder upon request, and that we have a roster of indigenous leaders available for our in-house ceremonies. TWC All My Relations expresses our heartfelt and profound gratitude for all our friends and supporters who have helped us to transform our program.
As 2017 draws to a close, we reflect on the impact that the All My Relations program has made in the lives of our residents. Many of them have expressed their appreciation for the cultural programming that that Together We Can has built, and is not available in this capacity anywhere in the recovery community.

Our group room is now adorned by donated artwork from indigenous artists to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Other residents have expressed their gratitude at how we have ensured their needs are met. We have increased our retention rate and our alumni community is starting to make contributions to our program. The program is gaining a strong reputation across British Columbia and we are receiving an increasing number of referrals from outside the Lower Mainland.
Each resident we help to overcome their addiction and to embrace their cultural identities has the potential to become a role model for their families and communities.
The upcoming year is poised for more growth and a strengthening of our cultural programming. To keep up to date on program events and announcements, follow us on Facebook by clicking HERE
On behalf of the staff and management of Together We Can and the TWC All My Relations program I would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe holiday season and best wishes for the new year.
Tyler Craig
Indigenous Cultural Coordinator – TWC All My Relations

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