Spring 2018 Update From TWC All My Relations

Monday, April 23rd, 2018 – Recovery Life News

There are many strong benefits to ensuring that there is a culturally safe space for indigenous men to heal from substance use disorders.
The TWC All My Relations program was developed with this intention and to date over 300 men have been helped in our program. As awareness grows, we are continually developing new relationships and strengthening existing relationships with traditional knowledge keepers and elders to ensure that our program reflects the cultural diversity of our clientele.
Our sweat lodge site is located at Capilano First Nation located on the North Shore. In the coming weeks, we will be renewing our lodge for the summer season. Once a month we have a sweat lodge ceremony exclusively for our program staff, alumni, and clients which allows our men a comfortable place to heal.
TWC All My Relations clients reflect the diversity of the indigenous community in Vancouver. While we acknowledge and honour that we operate our program on traditional Coast Salish territory, there are many indigenous people living in Vancouver that are from other regions in Canada.
We recognize the diversity of our clients and have ensured that they are connected to their specific cultures wherever possible. There is a program currently in development called Igniting the Fire Within.
This program will create dedicated safe spaces for TWC indigenous clients to meet with traditional knowledge keepers and elders to better understand the root causes of their substance use disorders.
Land based healing is vital for many indigenous men recovering from addictions. This summer will be an exciting time for indigenous programming at Together We Can.
We will be taking clients to attend ceremonies in Fountain Valley and to gather the medicines used in our morning ceremonies. We have also secured funding for a land based cultural camp which will bring our clients out to a natural location to learn traditional teachings on enhancing their recovery.

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